Video call coming to Skype on iOS

The latest skype update in itunes app store brings video call capabilities to iOS devices. Now, you can do video calls among your iOS device and desktop. It is better than Facetime because:

  • Facetime supports iOS and Mac OS X (beta) only, while Skype supports Windows on top of that.
  • Facetime works with Wifi (if you do not jailbreak), while Skype works on AT&T 3G network.

I am wondering when this feature will be available to the Skype app on Android devices.

While I am writing this, I think Apple is a super fan of Cisco. Not to mention that they licensed iPhone trademark from Cisco (Linksys) in 2007, they also recently licensed iOS trademark from Cisco as well. Oh, they are both headquartered in CA. Plus, both of their names are 5 letters! Just kidding, actually Apple is older than Cisco (1976 vs 1984).

Happy New Year!

Push notification for Google Voice 0.3.2

The most recent update of Google Voice for Android (0.3.2) brings real-time push notification to the phone. Previously it was a pull rather than push from the server, and Google Voice client needed to poll the server every 5 minutes. With this new feature, you can almost get rid of your wireless provider’s SMS service.

When not to put debug info on your production site

Title says it all.

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Using Confluence Office Connector in Mac / Firefox

A lot of you have been using Confluence from Atlassian, which is a great tool for content collaboration. In order to get users involved in the process of collaboration, the system has to be made simple enough to use. Cumbersome software drives normal people away.

One key point is the ease of editing wiki pages. Few of us can remember all the wiki markup tags correctly. Atlassian has addressed this problem by introducing the office connector. With the help from this connector, you could use your native Office editor to edit wiki pages. To make things even better, Confluence provides Office connector support on multiple OSes, including Windows, Linux, and Mac, which talks to Microsoft Office, Open Office, and/or NeoOffice.

Sounds exciting? Yes, except the default WebDav Launcher plug-in from Confluence does not work under Firefox 3.5 (I am using 3.5.7 as of this writing). Luckily, there is a fix for it. You can download the latest Firefox add-on from here.

Another issue for Mac users. Apparently only NeoOffice is support in Mac OS X. Microsoft Office for Mac 2008 does not work. I tried to change the doc handler to Office for Mac in the WebDav Launcher, but Word always open an empty page. Could this mean WEBDAV is not directly supported in Office for Mac?

yuan, yen, and won

Image via Wikipedia

Sometimes people are confused over the currency names from east Asia – Chinese Yuan, Japanese Yen, and Korean Won. These names sound similar.

They do sound alike for a reason – they came from the exact same Chinese character 元(everyday form),圆(simplified Chinese),or 圓(traditional Chinese). In Japan, the corresponding Kanji has a new form of 円.

As of today, 1 Yuan (Renminbi) = 12.94 Yen = 168.55 Won = 0.1465 USD